How Raffaele Riva Became a Successful Wealth Management Professional

Raffaele Riva is a respected businessman with a background that spans several roles. His specialties include mergers and acquisitions, estate planning, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, international transactions and wealth management. In the 1990s, Riva attended Milan’s Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and earned a degree in economics. He also earned a certificate in public accounting from the school. In 1997, he earned a master’s degree from the Canton Ticino Management Business School. He finished his education at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland after he earned a second graduate degree.

During the late 1990s and 2000s, Riva launched multiple
startups and helped them grow. In his early career days, he did audit and
accounting work for a major corporation that operated in the United Kingdom and
Italy. This experience later opened the door for him for more wealth management
opportunities. He also developed skills in international business logistics in
a senior executive position he held with a multinational conglomerate. For the
company’s European, Canadian, Central American and South American subsidiaries,
he served as a board member.

Raffaele Riva founded the AUREA Multifamily Office, which is company that provides elite wealth and asset management services to clients. Today, Riva serves as an advisor to clients and is a facilitator for transactions and contracts. AUREA’s clients include high-net-worth entrepreneurs and investors, corporations and private individuals. The company works with alternative and traditional investors. Along with his team members at AUREA, Riva works with other asset managers, hedge funds, fund managers, mutual funds, tax attorneys, insurers, international banks and a variety of other financial organizations. Together, the AUREA team analyzes and facilitates client investments and transactions. They develop new and useful financial products to offer, and they ensure the success of their operations.

When it comes to running AUREA, Raffaele Riva’s experience,
business practices and philosophies contribute to his success. According to
him, providing value in the lives of clients is one of the most important goals
for him to achieve. He says that he looks for new ways to help clients every
day. By being open to and exploring continual improvement options, he finds
innovative solutions. He said that this attitude also helps him boost his
business and encourages others to practice it as well. Another practice that he
recommends is for business owners or advisors to be the ones to remedy any
situations. He emphasizes the importance of doing this even when clients are

In addition to his philosophies on client relationship management, Riva uses a contemporary business model. It was developed to address the growing needs of investors and entrepreneurs for more personalized services. Also, it is specially designed to meet the needs of investors with higher incomes and multiple holdings. In comparison with traditional firms, Riva’s design for AUREA offers customized strategies. For example, a regular firm may have a predesigned product to serve a variety of clients that fit several criteria. However, Riva’s team designs customized products that meet the complex and unique sets of needs of each client. Their strategies address individual client goals as well.

Today, Raffaele Riva is active on the board of directors for a few of AUREA’s subsidiaries. For one, he is the vice-chairman. These positions give him the ability to personally oversee more details of operations, and he keeps close contact with the company’s elite clients. His dedication to ensuring the highest quality of service and results in contracts and transactions has helped AUREA position itself as a leader in excellence in the industry. Riva is also involved in multinational aspects of operations. He speaks French, Italian and English fluently, and he holds citizenship in both Italy and Switzerland.