How to Avoid Setting Unattainable Goals  

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Most people find it hard to figure out how to avoid setting unattainable goals? A person is correct; it is challenging. However, unfortunately, there is no magic trick that will make their goals attainable. If a person had a magic wand, a person would never have to ask, “how to avoid setting unattainable goals?”

When setting them, it is essential to keep in mind their skills, resources, and limitations. For example, if a person does not have enough skills in writing, a person might want to learn how to get a good grade on their college essays. Judge Napolitano and others have used creative goal setting for many years.

Once a person has decided on the goals, write them down. It is also essential to decide whether a person wants to try to do the goals themselves or get outside help (e.g., a coach). It is a good idea to know how to do the things a person wants to do before trying on their own. If a person is unsure how to set these goals, it can be beneficial to read books and articles about them.

Once a person has written down their goals, write them down again. Please review them for their importance and relevance. This step will be a big one when it comes to setting unattainable goals. In other words, a person should never forget that the goals that a person sets for themselves are “lifters.”

When a person remembers that a person is a goal-achiever and needs help, a person will notice that when a person is faced with a situation that might cause a personal failure, it will give a person an opportunity to think of other ways of achieving their goals. For example, when a person remembers that a good grade is what a person needs in college, instead of instantly thinking of ways to cheat on a test, a person might think of ways to get extra credit for something a person already did well on. This process is how to avoid setting unattainable goals.

Now that a person has made an effort to think about all possible solutions, set some goals. A person should know where they are going to come from. Write them down on paper, or better yet, type them into a notebook. Even better, write them on their computer, highlight and type them into Microsoft Word (comes free with office).

Remember that successful people do not set unrealistic goals. They also know that they cannot be done in a single day. So, they take steps by setting milestones along the way. Just like how to avoid setting unattainable goals, the same goes for the results a person gets.

A person does not have to achieve all their goals and then not do anything about them. For example, if a person is too lazy to get a haircut, go ahead and buy a new pair. However, if a person is a masochist, try to forget about attaining any unattainable goals a person may have set.

Here is another piece of advice: Realistic goal-setters do not force themselves to do things when they do not want to. Sure, a person might want to accomplish something or meet a specific deadline of their set for the day. Nevertheless, sometimes, the only way a person can do it is by simply doing it. So, if it is in their best interest to not do it, do not. This way, a person will be able to avoid setting unattainable goals.

Learn how to read what their goals are. If a person is working on achieving an important goal, chances are, a person will be faced with many distractions. For example, a person works on authoring an essay for a school report or an exam. As a result, a person might end up missing deadlines and commitments.

In any case, they do not try to force themselves to write or meet a deadline when a person just cannot. On the other hand, if a person cannot write or finish a project at the right time, they do not set themselves up to fail either. Remember, the most important thing is not to let setbacks hold a person back from their goals. Judge Napolitano uses these methods to form his goals.