How to Prepare for a Background Check

When looking for a job, you need to keep in mind that your potential employer needs to find every detail regarding your profile before hiring. It’s legal for an organization to do a thorough employee background check; hence you have limited power over it. 

All you have to do as a candidate is to clean up your past so that your potential employer doesn’t find anything that may deter them from working with you. Don’t sit back and relax, thinking that everything is in order only to miss the job because of one dirty detail. So, how do you prepare for a background check? Here is an essential guide. 

Keep your Academic and Employment Records

Record keeping is one of the best methods of ensuring your background is on check. Records of your employment and academics become first consideration employers ask at the time of interview. Therefore, proper record keeping will earn you a point during your interview. If you have those details such as criminal record certificates that expire with time, make sure you up to date them from time to time. 

Record-keeping entails all the paper retentions, including having both tangible and digital copies. Always ensure you go through your papers before presenting them to your employers to ensure they’re up to date, and there are no disparities. Employers have a habit of pointing out the slightest mistake on your documents and denying you the job. Don’t give them that luxury.

Always be Honest

One thing that may lead to dishonesty during a job interview is nervousness. If you’re nervous, you might find yourself answering yes to questions that need a no and end up getting stuck at further inquiries. Keep in mind that your employer will verify every detail you give out, and even a slip of the tongue is enough to disqualify you.

Many employers may like to know more about your previous employment history, skills, hobbies, and talents relevant to the job. It’s easy to get confused and give out inaccurate information. Check your facts before stepping in the interview room so that you don’t end up appearing like a lier. Trustworthiness is something employers care about when hiring, and you have to prove you’re reliable. With honesty, you will find your employer an easy time considering your job application and offer you the job.

Clean up Your Social Media Profiles

We are living in an advanced technology era, and many employers hire their employees through social media platforms. Even if they do this, they might snoop through your profile during the background check. The option of updating your social media profile and other important details is essential. 

Make sure what’s posted in the profile is in line with your line of work ethics. If you’re applying to work in an organization that supports women empowerment and your profile is full of all kinds of crap against women, you will likely lose the job. You can still hide some of your private details that you don’t need someone to access. 


Getting a job entails doing a lot on your part as an employee. Remember, some background checks are done after you’re hired, and you should never relax even when you already have to job. Make sure you have a clean record, so your employers don’t have anything against you.