How to Sneak Vitamins into Your Child’s Regimen

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There are many ways to sneak vitamins into your child’s diet. They need these vitamins to grow up healthier and have healthier lifestyles. When a person is presented with vitamins, there is usually a negative connotation to it because of their shape or tastes, Children are even harder to get vitamins into. Rachel Harow uses gummy vitamins with her kids.

However, those have high sugar and too many can be bad for the child. The Vitamin Shoppe and LIfe Extensions offer an array of child-friendly vitamins that can be easily swallowed. In addition, supplements can be purchased for those who don’t like eating vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are very important for children because they help with brain function and maintain sugar levels. It is a very important part of their diets. Powdered supplements can help get greens into a child’s diet. Rachel Harow doesn’t use these supplements but knows people that do. It is critical for parents to influence their children to eat food with antioxidants and stay away from processed foods.