Various Ways You Can Earn Additional Money Regularly

Earning supplemental income is important in today’s world of uncertainty. This extra income can help pay off debts or create a financial emergency fund. Being able to earn consistently is key as you can start budgeting with your new income level. The side hustle has become more popular than ever as a number of people can do this online. Others might want to use their vehicle to earn income while others take on the traditional side hustles like bartending a few days a week. The following are ways that you can earn additional income on a regular basis. 


The freelance industry is as healthy as it has ever been. There are so many talented people that freelance that companies no longer have to worry about quality of work. The past was full of freelancers that had no other option but today there are people that could be management at businesses choosing the freelance route. Earning money from home when you are social distancing is a constructive way to use your time. Freelance writers can write about topics that they are knowledgeable about and earn decent wages. Finding consistent clients that you can write for weekly can help stabilize the new supplemental income you have started earning. 

Use Your Vehicle to Earn 

Uber is a great way that a number of people earn from on a weekly basis. Driving when you have free time can be extremely profitable especially if you understand where surges occur. If you have a truck that is good to transport materials, you can offer to pick up old appliances or debris. Scrap metal recycling in Durham NC or other areas of the Triangle can result in huge earnings. Advertising on your vehicle with stickers is a great way to earn without changing any of your usual routines. 

Market Research Studies 

Market research studies are done by a variety of industries to test out new products or ideas. A fast food chain might bring in a market research group to see if a new item would be well-received by consumers. Getting paid for this makes it some of the easiest money that you can earn. Most of these studies pay in cash and only last a couple of hours. Finding a weekly study that you can attend and get paid will add up over the course of a year. 

Drop Shipping 

Drop shipping is when a person partners with a wholesaler to sell their products. This is beneficial for both parties as the wholesaler handles shipping and storage. The seller can market the products how they feel is best in order to drive sales. The seller doesn’t need space to keep particular products. Take time to see what can be sold online that you have knowledge about. This could be anything as simple as pet toys to t-shirts with a funny phrase on it. 

List different ways that you can start earning extra income weekly. Make sure that the option you pick fits in with your schedule and skills.