Why Boxing Is the Best Workout

Why Boxing Is the Best Workout

Boxing is something that everyone seems to be trying out these days. But to a lot of people, it can seem simple and aggressive at first, why would I want to try it? However, you would be amazed at the amount of health benefits boxing has. Not to mention that it gives you just about anything and everything you could look for in a workout. There’s a reason why boxers are such healthy and fit human beings. Let’s check out some of the many reasons why boxing is the best workout.

It’s Great for Weight-Loss

The amount of calories burned boxing is astonishing. It doesn’t even feel like you’re working that hard, so the fact that you are able to loose a ton of calories without even trying is a great reason to try boxing. The best part about losing weight while boxing is that you are replacing your fat with lean muscle, something that is usually difficult to do.

There are Many Health Benefits

With boxing being an aerobic exercise, there are a plethora of health benefits that come along with it. Obesity is a major epidemic in the U.S. right now, and that’s one of the many diseases that boxing can help prevent. Boxing also helps reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and even stroke. Combating all of these diseases with one workout can be a challenge, so boxing is a great choice if any of these are concerning for you.

You Become Stronger

Believe it or not, boxing uses nearly every muscle in your body. You use your arms, legs, and core to throw punches, so that’s covering a lot of ground. Your legs are also used to dodge punches and keep yourself light on your feet, something that is a very important defensive part of boxing. Using all of these muscles consistently will quickly build them up and strengthen them. You might feel some slight aches and pains after your first session, but once you get into it you will know it was all worth it!

It’s a Full Body Workout

Finding a full body workout that truly works out your entire body is challenging. There aren’t many out there that can include cardiovascular training and muscle training in all one go, especially including all of your muscles. That’s what is so amazing about boxing, it is actually able to include everything your body needs. It takes away all the complicated parts of trying to find a good workout and gives you everything you need in one.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

While it may not be too important to you when you’re young, having good hand-eye coordination is especially important when you age. Hand-eye coordination is what helps you keep your balance and react quickly to things. When you get older, it’s easy to fall and hurt yourself when your hand-eye coordination starts to go. Trying something like boxing is a great way to make sure you stay steady as long as possible!

Boxing can be an intimidating sport at first. Society has crafted an aggressive view on the sport, which is unfortunate for everyone else. There are so many benefits to boxing, both physically and mentally. It’s something that anyone can do, no matter your background. Giving boxing a try might be the chance to discover your new favorite way of working out. Finding yourself a gym that has trained and experienced coaches will make you feel comfortable and encouraged, you will be wanting to box daily. Get out there and give a try, see what all the hype is about!