Why Podcasts Are Going to Explode in Popularity in 2020

Everyone is talking about podcasts these days. Podcasts this. Podcasts that. So and so has a podcast. Did you listen to the newest podcast? Did you listen to my podcast?

It’s amazing how quickly this format has taken off. It seems like everyone has a podcast these days, or at least thinking of launching one, and why is that?

It’s a lot like back in the day when everyone talked about publishing content. Everyone had a blog. Then the focus shifted to personal brand and everyone was focused on building a personal brand on social media.

Every topic has a podcast audience, from the Melbourne Cup to small business owners. There are no topics or niches off-limits.

Well, now as we head into 2020 the current hot trend is podcasts. And there is no sign of it slowing down. There are new podcast platforms being introduced all the time. New services to help distribute and promote podcasts, as well as services that help book you guests.

There are three major reasons why they are so popular currently.

1. Easy to Digest Content

A podcast is simple to digest. You put headphones on and listen. Or you play it through the speakers on your computer. As long as you can listen, you can consume the content with little to no effort.

“A podcast requires little to no effort to take in the content,” says Henk Schipper of Jaloezieen Fabriek. “You can also listen to it when you have down time.”

You can listen to podcasts while you commute to work in the morning or when you are driving back home in the evening. Or you can catch up on your favorites while you are at the gym or while you go for a run.

2. Allows for Multi-Tasking

When you read a book, for example, your focus needs to be 100% — forget about getting anything done at the same time. But, with a podcast you can listen while you also do other things, and that is one reason why so many business owners like this format of content so much.

“While you listen to a podcast you can do other things and multi-task,” says Chris Moberg of Slumber Search. “You don’t have to be fully consumed by the podcast.”

That freedom is nice, especially for those with busy days. You can put the podcast on in the background and go about your day. And, you can still pick up the key point of the podcast message.

3. They Are More Raw and Unscripted

What many people like about podcasts is that fact that the hosts always seem more relaxed. They aren’t heavily edited. They are more raw, including blunders, pauses, etc.

“A blog post is pre-planned. Videos are edited. Podcasts just come across as more raw,” says the owner of National Pool Fences. “I know I can connect with them a lot more than I can other content formats.”

More people can relate to them because of this. They also come across as more just regular talk rather than high energy sales pitches, which is what some content has become recently.

Look for more people to launch podcasts in 2020 and even more people to start listening to them on a regular basis.