Teach to One: Technology Spearheading Educational Success


Within what is now considered by some as the Golden Age of Technology, the prevalence of the internet created a global culture, provided unprecedented connectivity, allowed for vast changes within entire sectors, and eradicated various location based limitations. From social media changing the ways in which individuals communicate, to multimedia applications dictating entertainment options and the television sector, technology has undoubtedly impacted every sector. Through the implementation of technology, many previously impossible feats have been normalized in healthcare, science, business, and lifestyle industries.

For the educational sector, technology has played an instrumental role in modernizing classroom methods, providing access to educational material in non-traditional ways, and assisting children with receiving tailored educational choices that fit a wider array of unique needs. With overextended educators, ongoing budget cuts, limited resources, and overpopulated classrooms, educators face many difficult circumstances that make ensuring each child’s success nearly impossible.

Thus, the implementation of technology can foster a more conducive environment for each child, allowing multiple children to be working on different levels simultaneously, which allows educators to dedicate time to enhancing these experiences, rather than attempting to physically provide them all simultaneously.

From the implementation of real-time parent-teacher communication tools, to tech based bespoke educational modules within the classroom, the implementation of technology has been vastly helpful across many different educational arenas, and has aimed to resolve specific educational deficits, concerns, and patterns.

Within the crucial realm of mathematics, innovative technology, like New Classrooms’ newest tool, Teach to One, aims to eliminate the Iceberg Problem through the use of customized learning modules that propel each student to increase their math comprehension based on their starting levels. This breakthrough tool combines innovative technology, customized learning structure, and teacher assistance, to provide a thoroughly modern approach to fostering math success for all students, inclusive of all levels of comprehension.

The Iceberg Problem

In theory, icebergs provide an aesthetically visible portion of mass above water, with a much larger mass remaining unseen below the water’s surface. As the hidden mass grows, it can weigh down the visible layers, bringing them under the surface. This metaphor is applied to mathematics specifically, as the educational discipline is vastly cumulative.

During the early years of education, students learn the guiding basics that will provide the solid platform for comprehension of increasingly complex ideas in the future. Each year, this complexity increases. For students who have mastered the groundwork, each year proves to be an addition to their proverbial comprehension, as the visible portion of their metaphorical iceberg begins to outweigh the portion underneath the water.

Conversely, for students who do not expertly comprehend these ideas, the problematic underwater iceberg grows larger annually, as newly introduced complex ideas are not able to be comprehended, and built upon.

With limited resources, and the inability to provide each child with undivided attention until all students achieve an equal comprehension, many students find their math scores depreciating over time, with compounding unlearned skills weighing down their abilities annually.

Thankfully, industry professionals have recognized the vastly detrimental nature of the Iceberg Problem, and have implemented technological advancements to counteract the effects of this issue. Through tech breakthroughs, and a commitment to providing effective customized learning options for students of all skill levels, companies like New Classrooms have created thoroughly modern solutions, like their bespoke Teach to One product, currently exhibiting positive results through in-school partnerships.

What is Teach to One?

Focused on championing the mathematical understanding of students at all skill levels, Teach to One is a modern method of teaching that combines traditional teacher-student interaction with individualized online learning modules, complete with learning activities, and quizzes to monitor ongoing progression. In a marriage between traditional teacher interaction, and tech-based educational content, Teach to One leverages the power of both constructs to create a brand new solution to the Iceberg Problem.

Within the current 37 schools that partake in the innovative Teach to One program, over 10,000 students enter the learning station, check in to their respective platforms, and work on a myriad of tailored projects, which range from individual e-learning tasks, to group tasks based on tech-detected common levels of comprehension, and teacher-led intervention and discussion.

Prior to the culmination of each session, students partake in a bespoke exit slip, which monitors their ongoing progress, and aims to aggregate data needed to monitor immediate results, as well as long-term progress. With the ability to follow student progress in a streamlined, effective, and concise manner, the technology utilized by Teach to One provides unprecedented feedback to educators, school administrators, and all individuals dedicated to the betterment of the student learning experience.

Designed to not only teach students mathematical comprehension in a personalized manner, Teach to One’s technologically based operation aims to provide effective learning habits that can be parlayed throughout the entire life cycle, in a myriad of fields.

Utilizing smart data to precipitate teacher intervention, lesson planning, and daily approach, Teach to One leverages the power of data to create highly effective habits for educators, which translate into a meaningful experience between educators and students. With accountability on both ends, educators and learners share active responsibility in daily goals, as well as the accomplishment of long-term goals, fostering an effective and bespoke relationship.

Implementing Tech To Gauge Progress

Teach to One’s multidimensional approach to the personalized educational experience of each student allows the technology to gain data related to the particular student’s ongoing success. The pace of content is driven by student success, which is measured effectively, accurately, and consistently through technology.

Thus, students are never simply pigeonholed into receiving education based on “grade level” expectations, but rather, can receive educational tools that will allow them to “catch up” on any deficits, or “move forward” through more challenging concepts upon comprehension of the basics.

Partner Schools and Initial Success

Through partnerships with schools, Teach to One provides comprehensive ongoing support, schedules and modules for successful ongoing implementation of Teach to One, and all other factors needed to successfully start the program, succeed within the program, and integrate Teach to One as an innovative, tech-enhanced, thoroughly modern learning solution.

With comprehensive case studies showcasing substantial student growth and comprehension rates among participating schools, Teach to One utilizes tech-based metrics to self-regulate, determine success rates, and foster understanding of the program’s monumental impact on student learning. For example, within the 14 schools who have partnered with Teach to One throughout the last three years, national NWEA MAP test results within those schools saw a 23% increase in learning over the national average.

2019-20 School Partnerships - newclassrooms.org

With promising results, an innovative approach to learning, and the data needed to continuously monitor progress in real-time, Teach to One implements technology in a manner conducive to modern learning needs. By creating an effective marriage between instructor-led education, self-guided activity, regrouping of students within guided problem-solving ventures, and a student-first approach to ongoing success, Teach to One is an exceptional example of the ways in which technology can create systemic change within the realm of education.

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