3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to a Medical Uniform

3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to a Medical Uniform

It can be difficult to spice up a medical uniform. This is especially true if you are restricted to certain colors. However, there are ways to add a personal touch to your daily uniforms. Here are three ideas to show off your personality without breaking the restrictions:

1. Surgical Caps

A surgical cap is an excellent way to spruce up an otherwise drab uniform. Choose from a variety of colors and prints to fit your mood. If you work with pediatric patients, you could select a scrub cap with little turtles or cats on it for a fun touch. If holidays are near, a snowman or Christmas tree cap is a whimsical way to show your holiday spirit. Lab technicians may enjoy showing off a science fair surgical cap. A wide variety of colors, prints and themes are available to add a dash of spice to uniforms. There are many styles of surgical caps for healthcare workers to choose from including bouffant, ponytail tie, modern and even disposable caps for your every mood.

2. Masks

Since Covid started, masks have become a necessity. Why not have fun with them? Add color and patterns to your face with a quality fabric mask. You can even add a personal touch to your mask by adding cute mask snaps to your mask. These buttons come in flowers, butterflies, and more. A color-coordinated mask in solid prints or designs will bring attention to an otherwise hidden face. Lined fabric masks are perfect to wear over surgical masks or N95 masks. You can even wear them alone. Choose a mask with hearts for Valentine’s Day, presents for Christmas, and puppies for children. These add a nice pop of color and happiness when solid colors are required for uniforms. They are also a wonderful way to remind others that an actual person with style is hidden behind the mask.

3. Badge Pulls

A badge pull is a wonderful way to express your sense of style. These pulls are used to hold badges that need to be pulled out to scan often. Why not make the button as cute as can be? Your pediatric patients will love the new poop emoji badges. A little humor goes a long way in hospital settings. Most little girls dream of being a mermaid. The mermaid badge holder will help keep your dreams focused on busy, stressful days. When Christmas rolls around, wear your ugly sweater. Your ugly sweater badge holder, that is. This will bring a smile to co-workers. On the days when you need to channel your inner magic, place your unicorn badge holder on your uniform for all to see.

You have to adhere to workplace regulations and rules with your uniform. However, you can still add a bit of spice and personality to each day with these helpful ideas. You could also choose funky socks, cheerful shoes, or themed headbands to bring refreshing colors and prints to your bland uniform life.