5 Hacks to Organizing Your House for the New Year

5 Hacks to Organizing Your House for the New Year

There is no other time busier than the holidays. You might think that you’re in over your head trying to keep everything organized and easier for yourself. Well, here are a few hacks to help you this New Year. Every hack design is mainly to make your work easier and keep your house neatly organized.

1. Get a Built-In Ironing Board

Ironing clothes isn’t a simple task, and we all have had our fair share of this tedious, necessary activity. Humankind has, however, tried to improve and make work easier with ironing boards continuously. This new year, get yourself a built-in ironing board that will be easy to store. It comes with a wall-mounted recessed cabinet that locks it away out of sight. It can also be mounted anywhere you desire, be it in the laundry room, enabling you to clean and iron all your clothes before storing them away, or close to your closet so that you can iron and store them away at the same time.

2. Get Vertical Hanging Organizers

You can hang these storage compartments on walls or even doors to provide more storage space. These organizers are good for kitchenware like spoons. You can mount a small organizer on the kitchen wall and organize small items like spoons, knives, and forks in them to reduce cabinet clutter. You can also use this in the supply closet by hanging the organizer at the back of the closet door and storing cleaning products neatly. That becomes easy to access and store. You can also use this for shower products since the organizers are waterproof.

3. Use Clear Shower Rings

Shower rings can also help reduce clutter and provide storage space with a creative mind. You can take the creativity up a notch, slip clear shower rings on the oven handle, and hang mittens and kitchen towels. That will make the mittens easily accessible and reduce clutter on the kitchen tops. If you are a hat fanatic, you can also arrange the rings on a hanger for your hats and keep them all in one place, inside the closet. This hack is not limited to these few options, so feel free to use your imagination.

4. Shelf Basket

These mainly help in covering idle space. We all know that it’s close to illegal to stack plates up high in the cabinet. Grandma will surely whoop you. The shelf basket comes in. Getting to the bottom plate is easier if you separate the stack using this basket. Mount these baskets on the top board of cabinets and closets. They are perfect for storing socks and other small clothing inside the closet. Therefore, they create space in the drawers for other stuff.

5. Shelf Organizers

Shelf organizers are also used to put idle space to use. If you have room at the top of your closet that’s empty but cannot store anything, fix a few shelf organizers to create sections and arrange towels, sheets and duvets there. You can also use this above an active area in the kitchen. This way, many things can be easily accessible without opening several cabinets. That will help you avoid having many things on the kitchen counter.

In conclusion, these hacks are not limited to the examples given. Feel free to be imaginative if you can incorporate the hack anywhere else.