7 Secrets to Feminine Hygiene

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Feminine hygiene can be an uncomfortable topic for a lot of women. However, it’s still extremely important! You’d be surprised how much you would learn if you just talked about it openly. So in order to help get this conversation started and end the stigma, here are seven secrets to feminine hygiene:

Go Commando

One little-known secret to feminine hygiene is that going commando can be extremely beneficial! Sometimes it’s good to just let the vagina breathe. However, if you really need undergarments then always go with cotton. This is because cotton is very light, breathable, and comfortable. But if you’re just hanging out around the house then feel free to go commando!

Wipe Correctly

Hopefully, you’ve been doing this for years but another secret to feminine hygiene is to wipe correctly. This means wiping from front to back – not from back to front. This is because if you wipe from back to front, you could be transferring bacteria and other materials to your vagina. Obviously, this should be avoided at all costs.

Beware of Antibiotics

Even though you might think that all bacteria are bad, that’s not always the case! In fact, you have plenty of “good bacteria” in your vagina that help it clean itself and otherwise function. You’ve probably heard before that the vagina has a very sensitive balance, and antibiotics could disrupt this because they are formulated to get rid of all bacteria – good and bad. Of course, this doesn’t mean to avoid antibiotics completely, but to use them only when necessary and as prescribed.

Avoid Baths

Everyone loves a good bath – but did you know that it might be harming your vagina? The strong soaps and bath bombs that you use during a bath can have adverse effects on your vagina as you sit there and soak in it. Just as you need to avoid fragrance and chemicals in your menstrual products and other vaginal products like vaginal lotions, the same thing holds true for beauty and hygiene products that can affect the vagina. This doesn’t mean that you can never take a bath again, but do so sparingly and use gentle soaps.

Change Those Pads

It’s been drilled into our brains for years but changing your pads and tampons regularly is super important to feminine hygiene. Even if you have a light flow or are near the end of your period you still need to change out your pads and tampons every few hours. Not only can this help prevent harmful bacteria and infections, but it can help prevent more serious consequences like toxic shock syndrome that’s caused by keeping tampons in for too long. So remember that the absolute maximum amount of time you should have a tampon in is eight hours – and the same thing goes for a pad.

Embrace Lube

Another secret to feminine hygiene is to embrace lube – but good lube! Lube is essential for healthy sexual encounters and can help combat vaginal dryness and potential tearing as a result. However, not all lubes are created equal so look for a gentle water-based lube or you can even use natural products like aloe vera or coconut oil.


Finally, the last secret to feminine hygiene and vaginal health overall is to communicate. You need to communicate with sexual partners about your expectations and concerns about STD, lubrication, pain, or really anything that you’re dealing with. You also need to communicate with your doctor about any problems or concerns that you have about your vagina. This includes going to see your GYN annually and getting regular STD tests if you are sexually active.

Now that you know everything about feminine hygiene, it’s time to take control of your body and make changes for the better!