4 Benefits to Skin Salve

A dermatologist in gloves applies a therapeutic ointment to the affected skin of a patient with psoriasis. Treatment of chronic dermatoses - psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis.

Skin salve is essential in skin repair and maintenance. It is an ointment or thick moisturizer that is used to heal the skin through natural ingredients that permeate the skin’s membrane. With the thick layer of premium ingredients it provides the skin many health benefits that can be difficult to achieve. Many people prefer a salve to a traditional moisturizer because it stays on the skin longer and therefore provides more benefits. The ingredients are also much more simple such as shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, and essential oils and botanicals. Below are just 4 of the many benefits that skin salve has for your skin’s health and beauty. 


Healthy skin is hydrated skin. A well hydrated layer of skin will keep you looking good and protected from infections and other skin damage. There are many jobs that the skin has, and one of the most important ones is to act as a physical barrier from pathogens (harmful substances) that can cause you to get sick. To do this job effectively the skin must be hydrated and healthy. The ingredients in the skin salve provide a constant level of moisture to keep your skin working and looking great. Another great way to stay hydrated is of course by drinking lots of water and watery foods. Hydration is key when it comes to skin care. 

Less Itching

Dry skin often comes with itching. Itching can be both annoying and harmful to the integrity of your skin. Itching is a constant distraction that takes away your focus from what you should really be doing. Itching also creates breaks in the skin that can introduce and allow those pesky pathogens into your body. Itching can also make your skin look more dry and even create lesions or cuts that can be not so appealing to look at. Overall, itching is a bother, but you can use a skin salve to avoid it at all costs. Not to mention that if you apply the salve right when you feel the urge to itch, it will stop it right in its tracks. 

Youthful Glow

As you age your skin will inevitably become more dull. Aging is a natural process, but there can be some things to help your aging go a little more gracefully. No more looking at those twenty year olds and wishing you were “back in your prime.” With a skin salve it can bring your skin a more youthful glow that will revive your skin to its prime. The glow comes with moisture and vitamins that are in the salve. Again, drinking water and eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables can also help your skin go from drab to fab. Overtime, as you apply the skin salve daily you will notice a difference and your friends and family will too.

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be frustrating and irritating. You may feel that nothing could help you and you will just always be stuck with damaged skin. Of course you should be following the medical advice of your dermatologist or doctor, but a vital part of your treatment is moisturizing the skin. A skin salve is the perfect moisturizer for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions because of its deep penetrating ingredients and lengthy active time. 

A skin salve is a great addition to your skincare arsenal. It has many benefits for your skin including hydration, reducing itching, providing a youthful glow, and helping to alleviate the symptoms of your skin condition. When choosing a skin salve make sure it has all natural ingredients and they are of high quality.