7 Smart Ideas for Improving Your Spinal Health in Your Daily Activities

7 Smart Ideas for Improving Your Spinal Health in Your Daily Activities

Your spine is one of the most essential parts of your body as it gives you shape and support. If you damaged your spine, you would experience major difficulty in standing upright and maintaining your balance. Research reveals that over 31 million Americans suffer from back pain and this is also a major cause of lost workdays. There are several things that you can do to improve your spinal health as you go about your daily activities.

1- Sleeping Posture

You might think it does not matter what kind of position your body is in while you are sleeping; that is a fallacy! You need to practice proper sleeping posture as this will benefit your spine. Poor posture can cause spinal damage. The best sleeping position is on your back or on your side. However, change sides frequently. Also, ensure that your mattress and pillows are designed to support your body.

2- Watch Your Diet

It can be a real challenge to maintain a healthy diet, as there are so many fast-food restaurants in proximity and many of us cannot face the kitchen after a long workday. It is worth the effort to pay attention to what you eat, as this affects your general health and also your spine. Overeating results in obesity and other ailments which have debilitating effects on your spine. Choose foods that will build muscle and strengthen your spine.

3- Proper Lifting

Lifting objects incorrectly can also result in serious damage to the spine. Ensure the item that you are lifting is manageable. Your feet should be firmly on the ground, with one foot in front to help with balance. Bend close to the load as you lift and also maintain proper balance to release the load.

4- Get Active

Exercise is another practical way to keep your spine healthy. The benefits of exercise cannot be overemphasized. Frequent exercise helps in the spine’s maintenance and helps to prevent back pain.

According to Dr. Jeffery N. Katz, professor of orthopedic surgery and medicine at Harvard Medical School, episodes of acute back pain is a call to action for individuals who are simply not exercisers. Engaging in regular physical activity will help to improve the health of your spine and reduce episodes of frequent back pain.

5- Avoid Smoking

Smoking has become a popular habit but this indulgence can be hazardous to your health.

Even if you are healthy, putting away your cigarettes can only improve your health. Smoking has a negative impact on your spinal health. Smoking affects blood flow and as a result, fewer nutrients and oxygen go to the spinal tissues.

6- Act With Urgency

Any kind of pain signals an underlying problem with your bodily functions. It may not be serious, but back pain should be investigated urgently. Early intervention should be a priority to avoid long-term problems.

7- Get Professional Advice

You should make every effort to cultivate a relationship with your health care provider. If you need specialist care from a chiropractor, then your doctor will make the necessary referrals. These medical personnel are trained to provide effective care that alleviates or eliminates pain.

We often disregard the important role that our spine plays in helping us to live normal lives. You can maintain spinal health by eating properly, exercising, and maintaining your weight. It is also wise to eliminate smoking and seek professional help when it becomes necessary.