How Often Should You Go to Confession?

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The Practice of Confession

Father George Rutler is very informed about the need of a formal confession and the many spiritual benefits that are reaped from this practice. A formal confession is very healthy because it relieves people of their own guilt over a previous wrongdoing or sin. Many religions encourage confession because it will clearly acknowledge the wrongs and helps people to own up to their own actions. The bible suggests confession because it provides an opportunity for the following:

* To tell God what what has occurred in a straightforward and honest way

* Confessing a faith in Jesus Christ

A confession is a formal statement. This is known as both penance and reconciliation. This is necessary for those who wish to receive forgiveness from the divine.

Confession: Who is in Charge of Them?

This is a spiritual practice and a confession can be performed by the following trained religious professionals:

* A bishop

* A priest

* A deacon

They are in charge of a confession because this takes place at a Holy Table which is known as an Alter. The holy table is the holder of the blessing cross and the Gospel Book. The religious person will allow a person to confess freely as a layperson. Whenever a priest listens to a bishop’s confession, a priest is required to kneel as per a standard protocol. A layperson will be gently guided through the confession process.

Who Should Go to Confession?

It is a fact that every human being has indeed sinned and strayed from the divine creator. Some people suffer from some ongoing or habitual sins in which they have not been able to overcome. Some are known for having very disruptive behavior issues which are known to cause themselves and others many problems. This individual would be recommended for many confessions because this will help them to stop doing wrong. Some others may not need to go to confession because they may talk directly with their creator in an honest way. Any person who is plagued by guilt, Father George Rutler suggests they would be a good candidate for going to a formal confession with a trusted spiritual leader.

Various Religious Guidelines and Confession

It ought to be noted, different religions have different set guidelines surrounding a formal confession. Any person can inquire about the guidelines, with a religious leader to find out how the process will work for them. Some guidelines may include three actions:

* Sorrow for the sin

* A full disclosure of the wrongdoing

* An action to make a wrong right

What Happens During Confession?

A common confession often begins with a request to be blessed by God and it is followed by an admission of having committed a sin. Often a person who is confessing their sins, will name the time period of their last confession. The person who is making the confession will confess the type of sin in which they have committed:

* A grave sin

* A venial sin

The outcome is reconciliation with the church and God.

Confession: How Often?

A person ought to confess their serious sins on a yearly basis. Fresh starts every year leave people with a clean conscience. A member of the clergy may recommend more confessions if needed.