The Beauty of Second Chances

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Life is not all about perfectionism since man is to error. Whether we like it or not, there will be mistakes in the way we do things at one time or the other. It could be at our workplaces, at home, or in our relationships with our loved ones. How we handle the situation is all that matters. A person who is unwilling to forgive and let go has minimal chances of offering a second chance. Even then, there are a lot of beautiful things about giving a second chance.

Shalom Lamm, the pioneer of Operation Benjamin, is an example of results from second chances. His organization has come in handy during the pandemic by offering food and other nonperishable products to people who need them.

Benefits of Second Chances

1. Second Chances Allow People to Use Mistakes as a Learning Opportunity

One sure thing is that we all make mistakes throughout our lives and careers. It doesn’t matter how qualified and what experience you have on the job. It is, therefore, crucial to always give people the benefit of the doubt and be lenient when they make mistakes. Instead of firing any staff member who makes a mistake, please allow them to make the mistakes and learn from them. This way, they will grow and can later take more responsibilities with minimal mistakes.

2. Choices Have Consequences

Every choice that we make in life has a consequence. When we get second chances, there are consequences for that. The good thing is that a second chance can be used by those who made a mistake to learn. How about if the staff who made a mistake is dismissed without being given a second chance? What has the company lost? What if they made a mistake for the first time/ don’t they stand another chance? We are trying to say that it won’t be fair if an organization fired a staff without considering their job history and the impact of the mistake.

3. People Can Improve When Given Second Chances

Anybody who receives a second chance is aware that in case they mess again, it won’t be well with their relationship or careers. An employee will continue with their behavior whether bad or good until they get a person to point out that it is not allowed in the company. After that, they will be conscious of whatever they do, which means that they will improve their responsibility. Such a situation is far much better than firing staff without them knowing what they did wrong. In case they continue with their behavior, then the employer has all the reasons to dismiss them without the guilt that they never gave them a second chance.

Bottom Line
Shalom Lamm is a big advocate of second chances to all people from different walks of life. Even though he tries to live a very private life, his actions and his organization speak volumes about him. To him, that is what second chances are worth.