How to Achieve Your Best Life with Kelley Cunningham

Have you ever dreamed of living your best life, but that dream seems to always feel slightly out of reach? In life, difficult situations inevitably pop up and slow you down or distract you from focusing on your dreams and goals, which absolutely happens to all of us. However, do not let these challenges dwindle your spirit. You can start working towards your dreams today and create limitless opportunities for your future, and it all starts by believing you deserve nothing less. In addition to such a mindset, an overall well-balanced life will give you the strength to conquer it all. 

So how can you capture the confidence, determination, and discipline you need to succeed in all areas of your life? Look no further because a journey with joy awaits your joyful spirit, and the powerful energy of joy will boost you towards your best direction in life! With the help of life coach Kelley Cunningham and inspirational pieces of advice and simple steps to accomplish everything you’ve dreamed of in life and beyond from her new book, THE POWER OF JOY, you will be on the right track.

Kelley Cunningham and The Power of Joy

Kelley Cunningham is a transformational coach who has been ahead of the game in championing the narrative of never giving up. In her upcoming book, THE POWER OF JOY—the ultimate guide to living your best life ever—she highlights a thriving mindset to help people not give up on their dreams as it is so easy to get stuck when times get tough. But you know the saying, “when times get tough, the tough get tougher,” thus, let’s start to toughen up with the powerful strength of joy! 

Kelley also believes in the ripple effect of joy—when you release the energy of joy out into the world,  joy will boomerang back at you! A portion of the proceeds of her book will joyfully go towards supporting many nonprofit charities, including Joyful Children’s Home, a small orphanage Kelley and her husband Jeffery co-founded in Naibowa Parish, Uganda. Aside from that, some would be dedicated to advocating for the rights of all indigenous peoples across North America.

Aside from being a  transformational coach and author, Kelley Cunningham is the owner and Chief Joy Officer of JoyINC Incorporated. She became a life coach when her husband, Jeffery, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), which challenged her to power through the difficulties and find joy. She is also a motivator who has been invited to write a piece in the published book Unzenable.

Inviting Joy into Your Life

Why joy, you ask? Joy is a hidden strength we all need to learn to tap into when tough times hit us unexpectedly—let the energy of joy lift you back on track. Let’s face it. Tough times aren’t going to magically disappear, so we need to learn how to tackle them without surrendering moments of time to circumstances. Living each day with an open mind and being consciously aware of what brings you the most joy will create a more profound journey with joy.

Aside from being an attitude, joy is a state of mind. Inner joy can be tapped into at any given moment, and it is a powerful strength, especially in challenging circumstances. It is a strength that is always accessible to those who believe in it, and like every learned skill, it will take commitment. You must be open to accepting joy,  taking time to be consciously aware of adding joyful moments to your life. Coach Kelley calls them simple yet not always easy steps to achieving a more joyful life, while some of us will connect more easily to joy than others. But it is worth noting that everyone has an equal opportunity to explore a more joyful life. 

Joy is also a self-manifested state of happiness. You can learn to draw on the happy moments and memories, which become the lasting power of joy that you can reflect on. Even when engulfed in a storm coming to your spirit, a joyful moment can create inner peace. Kelley is proof that this powerful tool can work in your life to lift you to soar—soar like an eagle above adversity. You are more resilient than you think and deserve to be living your best life ever. 

In Kelley’s book, you will find fun, relatable analogies to outline the concepts and connection to joy, bringing you closer to experiencing a lasting relationship with joy. Her personal experiences, stories, and ideas are validated with fact-based scientific findings throughout the guide. She also encourages and cheers you to discover a more intimate relationship with joy in your own life.

How Kelley Helps People Connect with Joy Energy

Kelley’s discovery of the renewing energy has empowered her to guide others. It has also allowed her to become one of the most coveted transformational coaches and motivators of joy in the world. She coaches and mentors people worldwide to design a vision of success and believe they deserve nothing less, changing lives one joyful interaction at a time.

This successful transformational coach follows a lifting-spirited, warm, and authentic approach to motivational speaking. She believes there is greatness within us and encourages us to always believe in ourselves. Furthermore, her infectious personality captures even the harshest critics’ attention with her firm conviction and straightforward encouragement—she has been called the Truth-Teller, and her name is quickly becoming synonymous with joy! She has inspiring energy and connects easily to anyone that crosses her joyful path—promoting inclusivity and zero tolerance for judgment. 

Kelley encourages us to tap into the energy of joy; she delves deep into helping people learn how to lift themselves higher with the powerful energy of joy. Through the echoes of her words, people all over the world are listening and applying the simple ways Kelley suggests to generate success organically. 

Faith takes our goals to the next level by not letting fears stand in the way of success. When we can confidently cheer ourselves on in life, we are unstoppable—unstoppable towards achieving success. So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Kelley’s new book, THE POWER OF JOY—The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life Ever, and learn more helpful tips and tools to catapult your life journey to new levels—a journey with joy! 

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