How You and Your Family Should Prepare for the Tough Hurricane Season Approaching

Hurricane season is a part of life for people living in the southeast of the United States. There always seems to be a few storms a year that truly grab the attention of the media and residents of this area. The one aspect to realize is that there are some types of storms that you cannot prep for and it is better to evacuate than to try your luck. Flooding is often more dangerous than the hurricane itself as a storm surge can lead to water levels rising by a number of feet. Areas that hadn’t floods in decades in Houston flooded due to a 12-foot storm surge during Hurricane Harvey where the storm seemingly stopped over the Longhorn state. The following are tips for you and your family to prepare for a tough hurricane season.

Start Grabbing Supplies Now

The last thing that anyone wants to do is go to a grocery store when everyone else is panicking. This can lead to stores running out of water and other essentials. Grabbing a few extra cases of water per shopping trip and other supplies will allow you to be stocked up. For those on the coast, it is almost a foregone conclusion that a hurricane of some category will be making landfall. Look for items that will not spoil and canned foods in case you are stuck in your home without power for multiple days.

Hurricane Shutters Make a Difference

The wind usually will not do very much damage to a concrete slab home if the roof is in great shape. Flooding is something that you can do very little about but hurricane shutters are important. Installing these will help you avoid having to dash out to find plywood to cover the windows. The additional benefit of having these shutters is that your home insurance rates can decrease. The last thing you want is water damage due to a broken window that would have been saved with shutters.

Board Games in Case the Power Goes Out

Board games are going to be paramount if the power goes out if you have children. Single people without children often go to a friend’s house for a hurricane party even though it can be dangerous. Certain games can be a blast while others can start fights like that of Monopoly. Pick a few of the family’s favorite games whether it is a board game or just requires a deck of cards.

Get Your Well Inspected

The last thing that you want is a well pump to stop working or a damaged well to impact the quality of water your family is receiving. You do not want to call people to inspect this at the last minute so do this early in the summer. Well pump repair professionals are willing to work around your schedule as they understand the importance of clean water to live. A hand well pump is something you should have installed as electric pumps stop working once the power is out. Make sure your family has clean water figured out far before the first hurricanes of the season hit land.

Prepare your family for a tough hurricane season ahead by taking a proactive approach. Reactive approaches will leave you in the grocery store battling it out for the last few cases of water which is rarely a positive experience.