New Google Apps

The American based giant search engine company Google is finally starting to roll out an updated dark mode. This is for their popular Play Store, now that the Android Ten has finally been released. This new design is restricted to fewer users than was expected so far. But company spokespeople say that it will be available on a global basis by the end of the year, according to tech writers.

As a plus, all Gmail apps have already begun receiving the new updated dark mode, and it’s expected to be ready for model 2019.09.267044774, which currently is only available with Play Store. Now with the Android Ten’s full system dark mode, not only will Google’s company apps be able to cross over onto the dark side, but most other 3rd party apps that are compatible will also be able to go dark. These include, but are not limited to, Gboard, Amazon’s Kindle, and Pocket.

In a surprise corporate move that was unexpected by the tech trade journals and internet experts in North America, Google decided to publish their Android 10 OTA updated files for their many Pixel modes on smartphones as well. Users would be well advised to check this frequently at SETTINGS >SYSTEM>SYSTEM for further updates.