Facebook’s New Video Streaming Gambit

Social media goliath Facebook is reputedly preparing streaming device technology similar to Fire Stick, by Amazon, that has the ability to be plugged in to a television set for access to content online. This amazing new streaming technology is slated to a part of Facebook’s family of Portal devices. Other devices planned or already in the works include chat with television viewing in real time with the Facebook camera/video app, along with AR (augmented reality) for a real-life 3D viewing experience. All this is according to trade papers that broke the story late last week.

Industry reports state that Facebook has already approached such entertainment monoliths as HBO, Netflix, and Disney, suggesting they add the new Facebook content to their own features. Reportedly, Facebook’s technology will feature a full range digital camera, speakers, and stereophonic microphones. The complete package will be customised for Android users. 

Trade papers report that Facebook’s entry into live streaming services is more than a competition with Fire TV or Roku. Rather, it wants to use its current Portal platform so that video chatting can take a large and, hopefully, profitable position center stage. This means that the nascent Portal television hardware should feature both an integrated long range mic and digital camera. The actual device is said to sit on top of TV sets to make video chats more panoramic.