Xiaomi Mi Mix Phones on the Verge of Complete Curve Display

Communications/Entertainment giant Xiaomi of China has recently launched a new series of Mi Mix smartphones, along with an updated and refurbished model of their famous Mi 9 Pro 5G. Both models will be branded under the Mi Mix Alpha name instead of their previous moniker of Mi Mix 5G. The company decided on this rebranding move because their marketing department discovered that the label change brings in more consumer interest. Xiaomi has also released a teaser on Instagram that purportedly shows the new Mi Mix phones with radically curved display screens that supposedly give the illusion of 3D. There is talk in the industry that these phones might be the first in commercial history to achieve a one-hundred-percent ratio of screen to body.

This wrap around screen technology that is leading inevitably to the long-desired 100 percent ratio of screen to body has been available for at least the past five years, but industry experts say that actually getting it to work on mobile devices like smartphones has been delayed by the lack of rare earth elements of high enough quality. But now that Xiaomi has firmed up a mining deal with the Chinese government, which currently controls nearly 80 percent of rare earth minerals in the world, that particular problem has gone away for good.