WhatsApp Status Updates Are Now Shareable on Facebook

Communications conglomerate WhatsApp triumphantly began their latest rollout this week with a surprise debut of a feature allowing users to share all their Status updates directly to Facebook Stories. This marketing coup is all the more remarkable because the company had slyly planted faux publicity around technology centers that this feature was still in the invisible testing stage and would not be available until late in 2020. This, of course, simply whetted the appetite of consumers around the world, and so now that the ability to give WhatsApp Status onto Facebook is, in fact, already available, has left the company snowed under with new orders. The company has already released a complete FAQ website that fully explains this latest addition to their arsenal of user-friendly apps and features.

Here’s how it works:  To make it easy to share a person’s status updates directly onto the Facebook Stories page, the Share Story to Facebook button appears under the tab marked Status, from WhatsApp, as soon as an update is created. So it’s all in real time, with no built in delay.

Watchdogs in Asia have spotted this new feature on their Twitter accounts, which became the earliest confirmation that the new feature was not just a marketing tease or daydream, but the real deal, up and running.