Realme 5’s Latest Update

The news from India is that the Realme Five Company has started to receive brand new software updates to bring into play the Digital Wellbeing app from Google. India has long been one of the most health-conscious countries in the world, with its billion plus population continually monitoring their own health and the health of their family and friends. Tech experts expect the Indian market to emerge and the preeminent market for health technology in the next twenty years, surpassing the United States and the European Union. 

It’s expected that this update will also improve the multi-digit touch reliability and will also bring to bear several new photo-taking improvements. The HDR is now permanently preloaded, along with a portrait mode modality that is now a default setting. Security updates are also said to be much stronger and more complex, to discourage the hijacking of personal data and to protect against ransomware attacks on small corporations and businesses.

The Realme Five changelog recently posted on their website that this latest updated software for Realme Five apps will contain a version of firmware labeled RMX1911EX-11-A.-190909-81277b1e. Further information on the changelog indicates that the initial update will be performed as staged rollouts, which means, in this case, that the company is going to do a random push out to a select number of clients, and then do a wider rollout a week or two later.