Google to Invest Heavily in EU Internet Infrastructure.

Google’s top chief has said this weekend that the technical giants plans on investing around three billion euros in order to expand their data centers across the European Union, including Great Britain, during a two year period. Sundar Pichai, the current Executive Chief, has told reporters that this new obligation will raise Google’s investment totals in Europe’s internet infrastructure to approximately fifteen billion euros in the past thirteen years. Last week Pichai held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Finland, Antii Rinne, in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, to announce that this new investment strategy will mean nearly thirteen thousand new full-time jobs on an annual basis for the European Union and its satellites. 

While in Helsinki Pichai also told reporters that Google will be investing heavily with renewable energy options in an effort to be responsive to global rallies that are scheduled for this fall throughout the European Union call for legislation to slow down climate change. Besides Google, other mega-companies like Microsoft and Amazon say they, too, will support the upcoming global climate rallies that are meant to show governments throughout Europe that global warming can be controlled by responsible corporate actions. 

Google plans to invest heavily in a major off-shore wind power generator near Belgium.