More New iPhone Debuts in India This Month

Preorders in India are available now for Amazon’s iPhone, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the iPhone 11. They will also shortly be available through Paytm Mall and Flipkart. These 3 e-retailers started accepting pre bookings for the new model iPhones late last week. Actual sales are not slated to begin until around September 27th. These new models are coming out just in time for the major Hindu and Moslem holiday season in India. Smart merchants are already planning to offer significant holiday discounts and bargain packages to take advantage of the holiday shopping spirit that comes natural to Indians at this coming time of year. 

Color choices for the new iPhones include a breath-taking panorama of colors, in celebration of the upcoming holidays. There will be magenta, magnetic red, party pink, gallant green, red rush, blue passion, yellow confetti, and royal purple. 

Prices start at just below 65-thousand rupees for the base 64GB variety, up to one million forty rupees for the Eleven Pro Max iPhone. 

Sales of iPhones in Northern India are now double what they were just two years ago, while in Southern India the sales statistics are not as heartening. Experts believe that the slower sales to the south are due to the political and religious turmoil that has been afflicting the region for the past several years, which has put a damper on the sale of most consumer communication technology.