iOS 13 Creates Karaoke Lyrics in Real Time

This past Thursday the newest prime mobile systems operating units, the iOS 13, was released by Apple for their line of iPod touch models and compatible iPhones. The iOs 13 includes a set of many premier features that promise to bring users a much more efficient and a much faster listening and viewing experience. Apple says that new features include, but are not limited to, performance boosters, upgraded Reminders app, and dark mode guaranteed to be system wide. One of the most amazing features new to Apple this year is qualified support for music lyrics in real time on the Apple Music site. 

Apple Music has been foremost in the field of live streaming music for the past ten years, and is still considered to be the number one music streaming service for sheer number of offerings and technology that is continuously updated and spread to customers with speed and efficiency. Their fees have also remained both reasonable and transparent. The dark mode plus lyrics on their new mobile devices and only displayed in real time — this was the number one customer request back in 2018, and Apple Music has delivered on their promise to rollout it out as soon as they could. This is especially good news in Southeast Asia, where karaoke sing alongs with mobile devices is skyrocketing in popularity.